How to locate the Greatest Disc Songs Box

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For that music container and vintage collector that enjoys wood keepsake containers, children’s jewellery boxes, wood music containers, ballerina songs boxes, as well as music trinket containers, disc actions also help to make valuable memorabilia. The subsequent are 12 interesting types of disc songs boxes which collectors can select from.

Adler Disk Music Container

This songs box was produced by Julius They would Zimmerman. It has a standard mechanism along with a double-disc device. Disc sizes vary from 71/4 in order to 26 in .. The trademark of the disc songs box is definitely an eagle within flight prior to sunrise.

Baskanion Disk Box

This container was produced by Paul Ehrlich as well as Company from the Fabrik Leipziger Musikwerke, Leipzig, Germany within the 1800? utes. It is really a card-style disk music box having a disc dimension of 11 ¼ in ..


The actual Britannia disk box runs in dimensions from 5 in . to twenty five inches. Produced by B. They would. Abrahams, this box includes a clear sculpt and was produced in both erect and horizontally models. The trademark is really a lion having a globe in the sunburst.


The Funds Cuff Container disc container was produced by F. Grams. Otto. Although it t isn’t a accurate disc songs box, it is still unique because of its mechanism which had the distinguished conical steel sleeve, which appeared as if a gown cuff. The sleeve might be turned just like a cylinder songs box. The actual cuffs variety in dimensions from four i/2 in . to 7 3//4 in ..

Celesta Disk Music Container

These disk boxes had been particularly noted for his or her colorfully embellished discs varying in dimensions from 8 ½ in . to nineteen 5/8 in .. They had been also produced in upright as well as horizontal versions. The trademark with this disc songs box had been a scroll on the bed associated with flowers about the discs.

Qualifying criterion

Made through F. Grams. Otto, these disk boxes were like the interchangeable disk box. Their own disc dimensions ranged through 11 ½ in . to 20 ½ in ..


This disk music box includes a beautiful, obvious tone. Them all were designed to be table-top versions. The disk ranges through 12 in . to twenty two ¼ in .. This container was produced by Hermann Thoerns as well as was additionally offered underneath the name Helvetia.


The Empress is really a disc box which was made through Mermod Freres as well as was the very same at the actual Mira container.


This can be a multiple-disc songs box which was made with inside a 2 to 3 part disk playing program. The dvds all perform simultaneously.


The Euphonia was produced by F. Grams. Otto. It truly is a later on version from the Criterion.


The disk sizes with this disc songs box vary from 11 inces in order to 19 5/8 in .. It had been sold through Euphonion Musikwerke.


This disk music container was produced by A. Watts. Neumann. The brand for it’s a lyre having a banner inscripted along with “Euterpephon” within the center-drive dvds.

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